Volcano Jug 2L Blue Agate

Volume: 2000 ml • 67.6 oz

Diameter: 18 cm • 7.1 in

Height: 23 cm • 9.1 in

Weight: 2 kg • 4.4 lbs

Item in Stock (10 pcs)
Code: 104-139
Category: JUGS & CARAFES
parametr-1: 2000 ml
parametr-2: 23 cm
parametr-3: 18 cm

The VOLCANO collection was created in collaboration with glassworks and a combination of special techniques. The production process is very specific and we are proud to present this specialized design to you. The discovery of this technique goes back in history and it is great that our manufacturing experts can still produce this technique today. And why VOLCANO? What do the colors on the glass remind you of? Yes, an active volcano, lava and heat... maybe more. The muted colors are meant to remind us of this natural phenomenon. Their appearance certainly suits modern homes and can be easily combined with other natural materials such as wood and stone.

Each piece is unique. At the factory, we never know what creation the used colors will create and what the final effect will be for the given piece. That's why production is exciting and creative. The uniqueness of this collection gives it mystery. Let the VOLCANO erupt in Anna von Lipa.

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