Hand Painted Verona White Wine 350 ml Atlantic Ocean

Volume: 350 ml • 11.8 oz

Diameter: 8,5 cm • 3,3 in

Height: 22,5 cm • 8.9 in

Weight: 200 g • 0.45 lbs

Item in Stock (107 pcs)
Code: 921-179
parametr-1: 350 ml
parametr-2: 22,5 cm
parametr-3: 8,5 cm

Enjoy your drinks...
... with our brand-new hand-painted collection of Wine glasses.
The unique shape reminisces tulips in bloom and the wide selection of colors will fit every mood.

Two striking types - SEVILLA and VERONA - comes in three different:
STRIPE - a stroke of a brush gracefully wrapping around the glass
LINES - multiple brush strokes detailing where the cup meets the stem
STRIPE WITH COLORED WALL - accompanying the stroke of a brush, a layer of color defining the piece as one-of-kind in it's simplicity

Colors make people happy...
... and we know it.

We're introducing three colors:

Which one will you choose? :)

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