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Limoux White wine Rosa

Volume: 210 ml • 7.1 oz

Diameter: 7,3 cm • 2,9 in

Height: 20,5 cm • 8.1 in

Weight: 210 g • 0.46 lbs

Item in Stock (218 pcs)
Code: 603-50
parametr-1: 210 ml
parametr-2: 20,5 cm
parametr-3: 7,3 cm

The Limoux white wine glass comes in the colours rosa and smoke, embracing and aesthetically playing with contrasts. The soft swirling patterns that are blown into the crystal, gives it a softness and a uniqueness found nowhere else. It is mouth-blown, handmade and designed by the founder of Anna von Lipa, Jytte Correll.

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