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Meadows Tumbler Spring

Volume: 250 ml • 8.4 oz

Diameter: 7 cm • 2.8 in

Height: 9.5 cm • 3.7 in

Weight: 250 g • 0.6 lbs

Item in Stock (154 pcs)
Code: 583-121
parametr-1: 250 ml
parametr-2: 9,5 cm
parametr-3: 7 cm

The new MEADOWS collection was created in collaboration with our designer Jytte Correll. Jytte has been thinking about a similar design for a long time, and in cooperation with a glass factory, we managed to find the right technique and create this collection inspired mainly by nature. For this reason, the name MEADOWS and individual color combinations were named after the most similar colors from the nature that surrounds us.

Whether you choose the icy-looking ARCTIC inspired by the icy kingdom of Antarctica, MIDNIGHT evoking a dark night, CHERRY BLOSSOM looking like a blossoming cherry tree, SPRING with the feeling of a spring forest, EAST COAST which transports you to the ocean coast or VIVA MAGENTA with its calm color combination, you can never go wrong. All colors have been carefully selected to have a positive feeling and fit the trends of contemporary interiors.And what is the bonus of this collection? Color combinations have no limit. Nothing is impossible. You can choose any color mix and create your own combination. Plenty of colors and variants for everyone. This leads us to unlimited offers and possibilities of variation according to the wishes of our customers.

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